Social media becoming increasingly important to healthcare professionals

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Although the healthcare sector is always in need of skilled professionals, competition for available positions can be intense. In an attempt to improve their chances at finding employment, many healthcare professionals are using social media platforms to identify new opportunities, according to data from clinical staffing agency AMN Healthcare.

In 2011, approximately 31 percent of healthcare professionals used social media as an integral part of their job search, compared to 21 percent in 2010. Allied health professionals and nurses used social media most extensively, followed by pharmacists and physicians.

Of the professionals surveyed, almost 75 percent cited Facebook as the most popular social networking tool for identifying employment opportunities. LinkedIn was ranked as the second most popular platform.

Referrals remained the most popular way for healthcare professionals to look for work using social media, with 70 percent of respondents indicating they found new positions in this manner. Direct contact with potential employers represented 64 percent of professionals’ job searching efforts, with an additional 57 percent using online job boards.

Social media is revolutionizing the ways in which medical technology professionals find meaningful opportunities. According to Healthcare IT News, employers need to change the way they attract top talent by using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“The old processes, the old ways of doing business, aren’t working,” Dan DeMaioNewton, director of strategy and business development at Monster Worldwide, told the news source. He added that, although unemployment in healthcare IT remained high, the job market will “heat up a lot more as healthcare legislation comes through and the economy starts to recover.”

DeMaioNewton said the way employers treat potential hires and existing employees is also becoming increasingly important. He told the news source that companies such as Google had changed the way that prospective talent view the workplace, and that proper targeting of top talent needs to align with an organization’s corporate culture and the atmosphere of the workplace.