Some healthcare providers slow to adopt EHR technology

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Some healthcare facilities are lagging in regards to adopting electronic health records (EHRs). However, of those providers that have not converted to EHRs, many cannot agree on a single deterrent from using the technology, Courier-Journal reports.

Many providers cite the cost of adopting EHRs as the main reason for not picking up the technology to use in their practice. However, others told the news source that they are concerned about loss of productivity, lack of adequate technical support within the practice and lack of initial capital for software and training.

“In a complex world of practicing medicine the computer can really assist and it can speed things along,” Mark Pfeifer, chief medical officer at University Hospital, told the news source. “We are going to be safer when we do paperless charts. It is going to be better care and it is going to be more effective care.”

Health information technology degree holders may help quell fears that healthcare providers have concerning EHRs. Professionals in this field often help healthcare providers learn the software that is being implemented so they can better serve their patients.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for computer and information systems managers are expected to increase by 17 percent over the next seven years.