State rejects federal funding from electronic health record implementation

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Montana governor Brain Schweitzer recently announced that he is urging the state government to not reject federal funding for electronic healthcare technology, Montana Business reports.

Schweitzer told the news source that if the state government refuses to fund the program, the cost of healthcare will rise and jobs will decrease. The state’s hospitals and doctors are currently eligible to receive an estimated $35 million in federal incentives for meeting meaningful use requirements of electronic health records (EHR).

“If Montana rejects the money, it will be distributed to other states, and Montana providers would be left holding the bag, requiring them to use their own funds for the technology or be left behind,” Schweitzer told the news provider.

Montana lawmakers have denied the state’s Department of Health and Human Services to accept and distribute the money to hospitals, which is the only state to do so. This, in turn, demonstrates the demand for health information managers.

These professionals are responsible for implementing EHR systems for which hospitals and other health providers can receive federal funding.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly 35,000 new job opportunities health information managers are expected to be available by 2018.