Strong Selling Skills Valuable and Transferable to Health Care Industry

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Mike Cohen, President of MRC Consulting Group

Summary: Having strong selling skills is a great value for personal career gains and can be transferable to the healthcare industry.


One of the hardest skills to find in any industry is good, strong selling skills. You could make your numbers selling technology in that healthcare area and demonstrate you’re going to be able to carry those numbers in the healthcare, probably once you learn about the hospitals, learn about the physician’s office, pick up the right buzz words. It will take a little while to, but an employer would be willing to take a gamble on you. I see that often, especially if you’re in a healthcare related area. A lot of the top salesmen selling to EHR’s come over from the pharmaceuticals side, or the [inaudible 00:45] side, of the industry and do very well and are then working in a networking environment, or phone company environment, that also sold to hospitals and healthcare.

I’ve been keeping my thinking for, I don’t know what reasons, I think the rest of the panel has too, focused on jobs in the provider side, and in my case also the hospital side. You brought up [inaudible 01:14] to expand that. Thank you.