Study finds that caregivers would welcome technology to help them manage the health of loved ones

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Health information technology is one field that is experiencing rapid growth due to the rising number of hospitals and private healthcare companies that are beginning to research helpful devices that are intended to help independent caregivers. New gadgets that can assist people in caring for their loved ones are being introduced into the marketplace.

A study from the National Alliance for Caregiving and UnitedHealthCare (UHC), found that more than two-thirds of family caregivers believe that web-based and mobile technologies would be helpful.

Reseachers found that family caregivers provide an estimated annual $375 billion worth of care to loved ones. Furthermore, many of these individuals lack the support systems and tools that could support them financially and emotionally.

“It is encouraging to see that caregivers are open to incorporating technology into their caregiving routine as a way to make their jobs easier,” said Richard Migliori, executive vice president of business initiatives and clinical affairs at UHC.

Researchers found that many caregivers are seeking technologies that can manage personal health record tracking, provide an electronic log for doctor’s appointments and ensure that patients take the correct dosage of prescription medication.