Study shows that health information technology may help doctors better-target treatment plans

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A recent report from The Brookings Institution shows that health information technology may drive advances in personalized medicine, according to the school’s website.

Officials told the website that these advances in personalized medicine may help doctors offer better-targeted treatments and could save the health system money.

Furthermore, health information technology can identify which therapies are not likely to be effective for some people, which could lead researchers to have a better understanding of comparative effectiveness.

“Our health system requires a seamless and rapid flow of digital information, including genomic, clinical outcome, and claims data,” Darrell West, lead author of the report, told the website. “Research derived from clinical care must feed back into assessment in order to advance care quality for consumers.”

The report shows the challenges of personalized medicine initiatives, which could lead healthcare providers to seek individuals who possess a health information technology degree to successfully implement reliable systems.

Officials noted that striking the balance between privacy and innovation is crucial for healthcare providers to design and introduce this type of system.