Syracuse hospitals switch to electronic health records

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After over five years of planning, hospitals in Syracuse, New York are trading their tangible records for electronic health records (EHRs), The Post-Standard reports. Health informatics will be provided by HealtheConnections. Hospitals that are embracing the switch include Community General, Upstate University hospitals and St. Joseph’s.

By saving their records electronically, officials from these facilities said patients will not have to take duplicate tests and procedures, as EHRs can be shared through a network of hospitals, according to the news outlet. This will also make it faster for people to get a second opinion and will reduce the errors caused by illegible handwriting by healthcare professionals.

As more facilities see the benefits of using EHRs, there will be a higher demand for individuals who specialize in the area. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for computer and information systems managers is predicted to increase by 17 percent, which is higher than average for all positions.

Students who wish to be a part of this growing industry may want to consider earning a degree in health informatics.