Systems and Technology Experts Posses Skills Transferable to the Health Care Industry

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Bonnie Siegel, Executive Recruiter at Witt/Kieffer

Summary: Experts in areas such as ERP, Finance, and HR, who know those systems, are easily transferable into the healthcare industry. Technology areas such as infastructure, mobile tech, the network, data warehouse and business intelligence are also easily transferable.


Other industries are so much farther advanced in areas than health care. If you look at other industries, ERP, finance, HR, and those are still needed in hospitals to have experts who know those systems, and that’s a good transition point. The technology areas, infrastructure, mobile tech, anything to do with the network, the data warehouse. Business intelligence right now is a very hot topic, and other industries are doing better in that.

Customer service. There’s key healthy systems in this country looking for executives to be customer service-type people. That’s hospitality, maybe even retail. There’s other industries that are doing things better than health care, and we need that influx.

Security, I believe, was mentioned already. That’s also very, very important with the electronic medical record. Having a security professional with certification is common in other industries, and we look for that when we look for security people in health care. That’s another transition point. There’s telecommunications. There’s different areas that people could transition in that other industries are doing much better than health care. We need those people.