The career impact of a Health Informatics degree

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Speakers: Rick T. Reyes (RN, BSN), Class of 2015

Summary: A Health Informatics program graduate shares the lasting impacts UIC and his degree have had on his career.

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My degrees in health informatics has enhanced my ability to become an effective clinical informaticist at the hospital that I work for. What I discovered in the health informatics program is that many of my classmates were seasoned professionals who brought their expertise into the classroom, the online classroom if you will, and use that expertise to address whatever concepts we were covering in the class at that time. Once I graduated from that program, I took all of their combined expertise into my work situation, and used to develop solutions and address concerns that we had at my hospital at any particular time.

In my institution in particular there was a specific need for a trained health informaticist. They wanted someone who went to a quality program, and they did their research, and when they saw that I had graduated from UIC’s health informatics program, that was a key factor in hiring me. The position that I filled was a relatively new position, and it had gone unfilled for a while because they were looking for a specific person to fill this role, and it took a while to find a person.

I wouldn’t have gotten a job I have now without this degree from UIC.