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Speakers: Rick T. Reyes (RN, BSN), Class of 2015

Summary: A recent graduate shares his experience of studying while living in the Philippines and what happened when a typhoon struck near where he lived.

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I studied almost the entire program while living in the Philippines.

In 2013 I had taken some time off from the program because the super Typhoon that hit at that time was so catastrophic that I asked permission from the faculty if I could take a few weeks off, and I went down to help out in a location called Eastern Samar, that’s the name of the province, and we went to a town named Basey.

During that time, UIC’s faculty, my professors for that class were very understanding,

They very much gave their blessing to what it is I was doing during the time that I was not in school. During that period in Basey in East Samar, my group set up an outdoor clinic

We had a surgical service, we had a medical service, we had a portable pharmacy. We were doing procedures, we were diagnosing, we were treating. I will never forget that at the end of our first day there right around midnight right when we were packing up things, a woman who had been waiting patiently in line essentially the entire day walking to our triage staff and said, “I believe I am giving birth.” Now the sun had set, everybody was able to provide their full attention on her because we were done with the rest of our patients, and some time I want to see around midnight we heard the cries of a newborn baby. That is one of the main benefits that I got from this online format, being able to explore my heritage, my background, while still moving forward in my career in this way.

One of the reasons I was able to participate in this relief effort, this rescue effort, this salvage effort, was because I was enrolled in an online program that afforded me the luxury of being able to be located anywhere while still studying.