6 Innovative Health Systems Implementing HIT

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Doctor using a tabletAcross the nation, several of the most innovative hospitals have adopted lifesaving technology ranging from robotic surgery to health trackers, to health informatics devices. These top hospitals set an example of what health care organizations can achieve by implementing cutting-edge technology.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston

By partnering with Rock Health, Boston Children’s Hospital has established an initiative to develop and market kid-focused digital health technology. As iMedicalApps explains, hospital executives understand that while devices like these might be groundbreaking for adults, for young children growing up in a digital world, they’re simply a way of life. Boston Children’s Hospital plans to pursue smart inhalers with integrated apps, an artificial pancreas for young diabetes patients, and much more.

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland

The Cleveland Clinic has pioneered the use of minimally invasive urologic laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The clinic has both developed and implemented this technology, allowing physicians at the clinic to establish the gold standard for urology. According to the Cleveland Clinic, physicians have performed over 3,500 such surgeries, which has significantly improved patient outcomes, resulted in quicker recovery times, and provided less scarring.

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View

Also on the forefront of robotic surgery, El Camino Hospital has developed a method known as CyberKnife. According to El Camino Hospital, CyberKnife is an alternative to traditional radiation therapy or surgery, and it gives surgeons the ability to remove tumors in about 90 percent of cases. Since this cutting-edge form of surgery doesn’t require any slicing, it’s a smart choice for particularly sensitive areas like the brain or spine. Since it doesn’t require anesthesia, it allows patients remarkably fast recovery times and increased chances of success.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

Many hospitals around the nation have adopted HealthKit, a health-focused Apple product, but Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as taken this adoption one step further. According to Patently Apple, the medical center has made the device more usable by developing a dashboard around it. This technology will allow doctors to analyze and act upon data generated by patients. Since the usage is still in early stages, time will tell how physicians are able to make the most use of data like weight, glucose levels, and daily fitness activities.

Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans

The Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans has also adopted Apple’s HealthKit device and has introduced a focused implementation. As Forbes explains, heath care providers at the medical center have begun distributing devices to patients in order for them to manage and control blood pressure. The center has also introduced an O Bar, where health information management professionals assist patients with selecting and using health and fitness apps for their smartphones.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Thanks to a partnership with Northern Arizona University, the Mayo Clinic has pioneered a type of remote care that allows physicians to monitor college football players who have suspected concussions. With the adoption of VGo technology, Mano Clinic physicians can use this stroke robot to assess patients from afar and advise about additional medical care that may be necessary.

From robotic surgery to smart devices for targeted patient groups, technology is rapidly changing the landscape of health care. These six hospitals are leading the way for health care organizations in the U.S., inspiring others to do the same.

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