Training is Essential for Proper Job Performance

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Speaker: Rachel Wixson, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Cipe Consulting Group

Summary: Training is a great place to learn work flows and do not need to have detailed technical knowledge of a system


I think training is a place where, if you’re able to … it’s a good place for you to be able to learn work foes and not necessarily have to have detailed technical knowledge of a system. I’ve seen that as a place where sometimes folks start out and then stay on with a customer and go on to get some of those certifications that are often necessary to get hired on in some of the roles. Other places where I’ve seen some people start out would be in project manager roles that are related to the EMR, but not necessarily directly implementing the EMR. For example, I have a team member that is working on a Share Point implementation and helping to bring together all the documentation and common themes. Documentation around the project, education around the project, they get involved and are learning about a lot of what the project is about, but not necessarily having a certification, so those would be my pieces of advice.