Tuscon Medical Center earns award for EMR adoption

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Tuscon Medical Center (TMC) in Tuscon, Arizona, has become the first hospital in the state of Arizona to achieve the top rating for integration of electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) from HIMSS Analytics, reports the Arizona Daily Star.

The healthcare facility recently earned the Stage 7 Award, which represents the highest level in the EMR Adoption Model created by HIMSS Analytics. To determine whether a hospital qualifies for this award, executives from the organization carry out an objective on-site evaluation of a given provider’s use of EMRs and EHRs.

According to its website, this non-profit organization aids healthcare organizations by providing important data on the use and implementation of EMRs, EHRs and other health informatics tools.

In addition to being the only hospital in Arizona to earn the Stage 7 Award, TMC is one of just 57 medical facilities around the country to earn this designation. These healthcare providers represent approximately 1 percent of the roughly 5,000 hospitals monitored by HIMSS.

An official from HIMSS told the news source that TMC’s advanced adoption of EMRs reflected the ways in which the use of health informatics technology can improve the safety and treatment of patients around the country.

John P. Hoyt, an executive vice president at the Chicago-based nonprofit, stressed that TMC was particularly strong in the areas of quality improvement and disaster recovery. He added that the fact that 90 percent of TMC’s provider orders are paperless as a hallmark of its advanced status.

“These systems have so much potential to streamline processes and to ensure caregivers have the accurate and timely patient information they need,” said Frank Marini, the vice president and chief information officer at TMC.