UIC Health Informatics grad tells what surprised him about the program

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Rick T. Reyes (RN, BSN), Class of 2015

Students in UIC’s Health Informatics programs come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Learn why this was the most surprising thing to a recent master’s program graduate .

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The biggest surprise that I found with UIC’s informatics program was the variety of student perspectives in the program. We were all located in different areas run this country and we had a few students overseas, and I didn’t expect that students located in different areas would be able to produce a variety of different ideas and concepts based on their region specific concerns and needs.

For example, someone who created a solution in rural Michigan, might have produced something that looks fundamentally different yet equally effective as someone who developed a particular solution in Los Angeles.

By the time I graduated, and entered these meetings in my own hospital, I could think creatively about what we needed to do in our hospital, and how perhaps I could use some of the stories and experiences from my classmates in this specific institution.

That’s where the variety of students became a very important aspects of the online learning format at UIC.

The one thing I would tell prospective students who are considering pursuit of an online health informatics program, is now is the time to pursue it. The program itself will take time, and there is a demand for health informaticists in many institutions around the country, many institutions around the world actually. The field of health informatics in this technological environment, and healthcare these days is in great demand. Many hospitals are waiting for health informaticists to finish their masters degree, to finish their certificate programs so they can plug them into these real-world environments and get their projects done, get their initiatives executed. Now is the time to participate.