Use of sophisticated CDS tools becoming increasingly widespread

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A suite of clinical decision support (CDS) tools developed by San Francisco-based company Archimedes known as indiGo is gaining traction in the healthcare IT sector, reports Information Week.

Officials from the MyAccess Health Network (MHN) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently announced the healthcare provider would begin using indiGo on a trial basis, following a successful test by Kaiser Permanente. MHN was one of 17 Beacon Communities that received healthcare IT grants from the Department of Health and Human Services that will implement the suite of CDS tools into their patient care workflows.

The software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large volumes of health information in order to predict the likelihood that patients will develop chronic illnesses in the future. In addition, the software offers suggestions to physicians and ambulatory care doctors regarding the most effective intervention treatments to minimize the chance that patients will develop such conditions. The CDS tools will make use of patient data contained in medical informatics systems, and can be configured to interface with such networks seamlessly.

“You want to see which factors in any given patient cause these events,” Peter Alperin, vice president of medicine at Archimedes, told the news source. “Often, conventional markers are missing in particular patients at risk for a particular disease. We don’t advocate that people abandon traditional guidelines. Our algorithms analyze the same data that evidence-based guidelines are based on. We’re just analyzing it in a different way.”

CDS tools are becoming an increasingly important addition to physicians’ range of healthcare IT solutions. Medical informatics vendor Aprima Medical Software recently announced it will partner with DiagnosisOne to integrate advanced CDS functionality into its range of clinical informatics solutions. As part of the collaboration, the Aprima medical informatics solution will incorporate DiagnosisOne’s smartConsult CDS tools to provide physicians with individualized point-of-care reporting functionality.