Veterans hospitals in Texas use new health informatics tool

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Veterans seeking medical advice or attention from the Veterans Affairs (VA) North Texas Healthcare System can facilitate their treatment by using My Health-eVet, a new health informatics tool that allows them to build electronic health records (EHRs), reports North Texas e-News.

The new system allows patients to send secure, encrypted messages to their healthcare providers when they have a non-urgent medical issue, allowing them to bypass the need for a lengthy phone call. My Health-eVet, which is currently being used at veterans’ hospitals in Dallas, Bonham, Fort Worth and Tyler, has won praise from physicians and patients alike for its ability to improve the coordination of care and speed up communication between people involved in the healthcare process.

“We’ve seen a patient’s request fulfilled in less than eight work hours,” Cathrine England, the My Health-eVet coordinator for VA North Texas, told the news source. “This is how we are using technology combined with human interaction to more conveniently meet veterans’ needs.”

Other benefits of the system include electronic prescription refill ordering, instant access to personal health information and a feature that lets veterans share their medical status with family, caregivers or other people linked to their medical treatment. By using electronic communication between doctors and patients, My Health-eVet also reduces the amount of time veterans must spend in VA clinics when obtaining care.

To enroll in the VA program, patients can register using a form available on the website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. According to its website, this federal agency’s mission is to provide healthcare and other support services to former members of the American armed forces. Following their online registration, veterans must complete an in-person authentication process, after which they can begin using the system.