Wellpoint subsidiary wins CMS Next Generation Desktop contract

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National Government Services Inc., an Indianapolis-based subsidiary of Wellpoint, has secured a $111-million contract from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to support the Next Generation Desktop (NGD) application.

The NGD is used by Medicare Contact Center customer service representatives (CSRs) to handle incoming calls from Medicare beneficiaries. The system allows CSRs to access data previously entered into centralized healthcare IT databases such as MyMedicare.gov in real time, enabling them to provide greater levels of customer support.

Approximately 3,500 CSRs handled more than 26 million telephone inquiries last year using the NGD system. National Government Services has held the NGD support contract since the system was launched, and has served as a Medicare contractor since 1966.

“Data integration is a critical innovation in the healthcare IT arena,” Tim Masheck, vice president of health information technology at National Government Services, said in a statement. “Such technology enables those on the front lines to provide better patient care and a more pleasant experience overall. National Government Services is proud that we were called upon yet again to ensure the integrity of this critical application.”

National Government Services has worked alongside the CMS in other areas of its business. According to ModernHealthcare, the organization processed more than 170 million Medicare claims last year, as well as dispensing over $75 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund. Additionally, National Government Services handled more than 84,500 written inquiries and 800 Congressional inquiries in 2011.

According to the National Government Services’ official website, NGD is capable of handling more than 2 million unique requests per month, is fully integrated into all Medicare databases and claims processing systems, and is also connected to a number of other government information networks.