What can you do with a UIC Health Informatics degree?

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Dr. Miriam Isola, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

Dr. Jacob Krive, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences

Summary: The types of positions available in the health informatics field are numerous and expand beyond working in a hospital. UIC graduates are encouraged to find new and emerging opportunities as consultants or with tech companies.

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There’s a variety of different roles you can go into after graduating from the Health Informatics program.

It’s not necessarily limited to working in a hospital or working in a physician office. Many of our students come in, or even after they’ve graduated, they go out and take on roles as consultants. You’ve had a lot of experience by the time you’ve come through this course and talked with all the other peers that are part of the courses, and so you can take your knowledge and go out into a variety of different situations. Consulting is one of the big areas that people move into. Aside from a hospital or a clinical setting, you might move into a public health type of setting or community health. In healthcare right now, actually it’s becoming very much the focus to incorporate community healthcare in with the provider side, so actually healthcare reform is steering things in that direction. It’s a more consolidated view of things, so I would say either as a consultant or working on the more what they might call the health and human services side.

I always encourage my students, especially those who are interested in the more technical fields and more quantitative fields, to look into those new and emerging opportunities beyond the hospital walls to assist technology companies and assist consulting firms that really want to be out that, that are willing to put lots of resources to enter the market but lack knowledge and talent to do so. This is a new market. This is a potentially huge market. It already is relatively large, and I think the program evolves with the industry and we are very much up to date in terms of helping students to grab those opportunities beyond what traditional health informatics may have been a few years ago and perhaps even still remains.