What Does it Mean to be Qualified in the Job Market?

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Speaker: David Kushan, Managing Partner of Healthcare IS

Summary: People tend to look for their dream job; however they may not have the qualifications yet.


As an implementer, they look for certifications, specifically to my knowledge, from what I know, in the epic market, even though we don’t work in the epics space in our firm. The other vendors are not as certification-specific. They’re not as formal. They’re looking for experience. What I would say, and specifically in today’s market, is that ideally people want experience, but as these organizations are not able to find enough people with the experience, then the requirements begin to lower. It may not be implementations, but it might be having supported the product or something like that, supported, been a very strong end user.

I think what a lot of people do is they look for the ideal job. They don’t quite have the qualifications for the ideal job, but what they might do is think of the job you could step into, but after a little while, you now have some of that experience to be more competitive in the job you want. Unfortunately, it’s more of a 2-step process, but if you think 6 months or a year from now, you’re better off doing that as opposed to being in the same place 6 months later.