What Employers Are Looking For

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Speaker: Bonnie Siegel, Executive Recruiter at Witt/Kieffer

Summary: Employers are looking for project management skills and interpersonal skills.


There’s two types of skills we may have, the hard skills that are something you’re going to be learning, but the soft skills are going to become very important in getting you hired. Let’s say you have health care degree, but no IT. Really work to get yourself into projects if you like data, go for it. It’s one of those things where a lot of luck comes into play, but it depends on your personality, your interpersonal skills, your communication skills, and kind of serendipity luck along the way. The people are looking, the hiring managers are looking for project management skills. Can you take a project from beginning to end, close that project well successfully. But there are a lot of interpersonal skills. You’re working with a lot of different people. If you’re not comfortable talking in front of a group, sign up for a Dale Carnegie course, do more with yourself. Get yourself out there. So the skill set is going to be … They want that hard skill, but you’re going to be hired because they like you and they want to work with you everyday. So work on the soft skills.