What factors helped a recent graduate choose UIC’s online program?

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Speakers: Rick T. Reyes (RN, BSN), Class of 2015

Summary: UIC’s high standard of quality in its health informatics programs attracted this graduate to pursue his master’s degree.

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The biggest factors in terms of me choosing health informatics at UIC was the fact that I had already earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UIC many years ago, so I was already familiar with the faculty, with the staff, with the quality of the programs.

When I learned that UIC was a leader in health informatics education, the decision to enroll in their program was pretty easy to make.

The quality of UIC’s health informatics program is attractive to a lot of health professionals are already considering career changes in their professional paths.

I discovered in the program that classmates who were with me in these courses, they were very talented individuals. They were seasoned professionals who had many times decades of experience in so to take the expertise into the course at the time really added a breadth, and depth, and knowledge to address whatever concepts we were focusing on in the program