What is Medical Informatics?

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Numerous relationships that affect the level of care a patient receives exist in our healthcare society.  None may be more important than the relationship between a patient and their physician. As physicians continually strive to improve the level of quality they provide, the need for more targeted and precise patient data grows.  Medical Informatics is delivering that data.

Medical informatics is the sub-discipline of health informatics that directly impacts the patient – physician relationship.  It focuses on the information technology that enables the effective collection of data using technology tools to develop medical knowledge and to facilitate the delivery of patient medical care.  The goal of medical informatics is to ensure access to critical patient medical information at the precise time and place it is needed to make medical decisions.  Medical informatics also focuses on the management of medical data for research and education.

Many physicians and other clinicians join the UIC health informatics program to expand their knowledge and/or make the transition into the field of medical informatics.  Our Post-Master Certificate in Health Informatics is a shortened version of our full master of science degree curriculum and is perfectly suited to complement the existing education of physicians and other clinicians who already hold an advanced degree.