What skills will students have when they graduate

Karen Patena, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA

By the time a student graduates from the program, they will have received the skill sets to prepare them for the field. The skill sets include competency in various levels of management, data and technology.


We have a variety of courses that they’re going to be taking. They come into the program with some required course background in anatomy, physiology, statistics and computer systems. With that out of the way then they can get into the specialty courses in our program. They’re going to learn about the health care system in this country. They’re going to learn about management. Various kinds of management: HR management, financial management, quality management. They’re going to learn about data in terms of statistics, data collection, data storage. They learn about technology in terms of databases, systems analysis and design. They learn about financial management. So they have a great background in a variety of skill sets that they’re going to learn that prepares them to move up in the industry and assume various leadership roles.