What The Healthcare Industry Will Look Like in 2024 – Karen Patena, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA

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Karen Patena, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA

Summary: Program Director, Karen Patena, discusses what the healthcare industry will look like in 2024.


The health care industry today is already starting to evolve from inpatient to more outpatient and home-based care. What this means is that you’re going to see more coordination of care. You’re going to see more efficiencies of care. You’re going to see physicians that work more in groups than they do now already. What that means is patients are going to want to interact more with all of their caregivers through tools like email, we’re going to see more, maybe even social media for patients to interact.

They, right now, as a requirement of meaningful use, organizations have to use portals for permitting patients to look up their own data, their own test results, for example. I think we’re going to continue to see that. We’re going to see more and more of patients taking control of their care, of more coordination of care in a home-based environment. More telemedicine, so that means using technology to deliver care remotely, we’re going to see that.

With all these changes, you’re still going to need data. Data for caregivers to know what’s going on with patients. Patients to track their own results, things like monitoring blood pressure or blood sugar on a regular basis. You’re going to see a lot of devices, such as using your smart phone to monitor that kind of stuff.

All of these things are going to have a tremendous amount of data that’s generated and it’s going to need to be processed, and categorized, and collected, and organized, and kept secure. That’s what we’re all about. That’s what an RHIA does.

We work with the data and in all the industries that process the data so that the caregiver can deliver care efficiently.