What will healthcare look like 2024?

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Jacob Krive, PhD, MBA, MS, CPHIMS

Healthcare is continuously changing in an ever-evolving world. Hear what Dr. Jacob Krive thinks healthcare will look like in 2024.


There will be a number of developments going on. First of all, patients are already getting used to putting their hands on their own information. They want it now. They want it at the convenience of their laptops, desktops, their mobile devices. That change is already happening. What will continue be happening is that there will be a complete clinical and financial decision support that will enhance the quality of decisions and reduce the amount of errors.

Going into, probably, farther from us future, we may see other areas joining in such as bio-engineering and genetics. These fields are rapidly getting close to discovery of new methods of treating patients through genetic analysis. All of this information will be digitized. There is that real opportunity to create analytics and critical decision support around all of the data that’s being produced, not just by healthcare applications today, but by all kinds of devices that measure something, treat something, do something for the patient. All of that data will be integrated to take healthcare to a new level of quality.