Why an Online Health Informatics Master’s Might Be Beneficial for You

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A representation of an electronic medical record.Deciding whether to pursue a graduate-level degree can come down to your personal direction, and where you see yourself going in a professional capacity. If you’re interested in delving deeper into the use of data in the medical field, for instance, a health information management degree such as the University of Illinois at Chicago’s online Master of Science in Health Informatics may be for you.

If you’re ready to deepen your investment in medical data and its related technologies, it’s worth investigating an online master’s in health informatics. The following are some details about the field, the course style and the university that will help you determine whether your next educational move should take you to UIC.

Why Health Informatics?

The story of health care has taken a data- and technology-driven turn in recent years. That industry-wide focus means the relevant, real-world information delivered in such a program may put you in touch with the priorities of today’s care providers, granting you the knowledge hospital administrators and other executives are looking for.

Informatics today covers a wide variety of topic areas, including implementing new systems, analyzing clinical data or performing important research. Since there is no single narrow path for informaticians to take in health care, there are many potential paths to exciting and valuable roles for people with the right training. The UIC program includes instruction in all the major areas of health informatics, empowering graduates to follow employers’ needs and their own interests.

The move to greater health data use and integration in hospitals and other care facilities remains in its relative early days. That makes informatics a great field for potential students who want to become involved with concepts that will remain important rather than be swept aside. Strategies designed to improve care outcomes in the future tend to foreground effective data use.

Why Online Education?

The UIC health informatics online master’s is administered in a business-school style, meaning the courses are designed to fit into a professional’s life alongside a full-time job. The degree is complete and comprehensive, but taken 100 percent online, leaving you free to maintain a present career while chasing a trove of new knowledge that may point to your next steps in the health care world.

Pursuing an online degree can be different than the traditional on-campus model. USA Today explained that the greater scheduling flexibility and geographic freedom that come with digital education have been major selling points for this still-evolving model of study. As the field of online courses has taken hold at respected and accredited institutions, it has opened these schools up to a new wave of students, potentially including working professionals.

The online study model is ideal for individuals who feel they are ready for the unique experience of studying remotely. If you can deal with the responsibility of self-directed time management and relationship-building without face-to-face contact, digital courses may be a valuable part of your ongoing education.

Why UIC?

The UIC program has been designed to take the in-depth classroom learning experience to an online audience. The faculty is committed to maintaining a dynamic and relevant informatics curriculum, one that reflects the realities of the changing health care technology world rather than sticking to potentially outdated textbook orthodoxy. UIC operates the largest medical school in the U.S. and its knowledge is at online pupils’ disposal.

Because UIC professors maintain active connections to health informatics, there’s ample room for current research, recent breakthroughs and accurate trend reports to work their way into students’ education. Instructors are committed to setting their students up for success and preparing them for the real issues they’ll face in clinical settings.

Applying to the master’s in health informatics program doesn’t require the Graduate Record Examination, and graduates have reported making great strides in their professional lives. Among students who have completed the MSHI program, 79 percent credited the degree with advancement in the field, and 64 percent tied completing the program to a salary increase.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Becoming attuned to the data-centric future of the health care sector involves gaining relevant and up-to-date insights from teachers who understand the industry acutely. Students seeking an online master’s in health informatics can pursue this kind of advancement without leaving their current positions, taking advantage of a convenient and flexible 100 percent online course schedule.

Health care is evolving in its day-to-day operations while staying focused on the long-term goal of improved patient outcomes. Becoming adept in informatics processes can position a student to be part of the industry’s changes. Reach out to UIC’s Health Informatics program today to learn more.

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