The graduate-level curriculum in Health Informatics with a concentration in Health Data Science (HDS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago introduces students to a more technical subject matter and move them beyond “knowing about” the subject to developing experience actually working with healthcare data.  HDS requires a unique set of skills that combine deep business and quantitative abilities applied to solve clinical and research challenges.  Students build key competencies in data analytics applied specifically to healthcare.  The HDS concentration addresses a job market gap and prepares students for the data analytics profession.

The competency-based approach incorporates a focus on active learning through hands-on assignments. Students are engaged to “learn how to learn” through experiential learning applied to real-life scenarios. This prepares students to be independent thinkers and researchers that use creative, critical and computational approaches to solve new problems they encounter. The HDS concentration empowers students to become more expert, regardless of their level, by choices they make themselves in a new field that is still developing. Collaboration is encouraged and everyone learns more when interacting and contributing together. The HDS curriculum will enable students to:

  • Work on solutions that support innovation in healthcare
  • Learn how to identify key questions to help them define new problems
  • Design their own unique solutions
  • Develop solutions from initial ideas to completion and implementation
  • Build an intellectual toolkit of ideas and tactics that meet new industry demands
  • Assemble a portfolio of completed projects in their specific area of interest

Prerequisite Courses (may be waived in some instances)

BHIS 406Medical Terminology for Health Information Management2 Hours
HIM 486Fundamentals of Health Information Management2 Hours

Core Courses

BHIS 437Healthcare Data3 Hours
BHIS 499Information Sources in Biomedical & Health Information Sciences1 Hour
BHIS 503Communication Skills in Health Informatics3 Hours
BHIS 505Ethics & Legal Issues in Health Informatics3 Hours
BHIS 510Healthcare Information Systems3 Hours
BHIS 515Management of Healthcare Communication Systems3 Hours
BHIS 520Health Information Systems Analysis & Design3 Hours
BHIS 525Social and Organizational Issues in Health Informatics3 Hours
BHIS 530Topics in Health Informatics3 Hours
BHIS 593Health Informatics Capstone Experience1 Hour

Health Data Science Electives

Students can earn the concentration by completing four courses – using their 12 hours of required electives to complete concentration requirements. The concentration is documented on the official student transcript.

Required electives for the Health Data Science concentration

BHIS 540Essentials in Health Data Science3 Hours
BHIS 575Applied Statistics for Health Data Science3 Hours

Choose two additional electives

BHIS 527Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations3 Hours
BHIS 529Transforming Healthcare using Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics3 Hours
BHIS 532Theoretical Concepts of Clinical Decisions Support Systems3 Hours
BHIS 533Practical Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Systems3 Hours
BHIS 541Healthcare Data Analytics3 Hours
BHIS 542Artificial Intelligence3 Hours
BHIS 554Health Informatics Business intelligence Tools and Applications3 Hours
BHIS 561Programming for Health Analytics3 Hours
BHIS 567Healthcare Data Visualization3 Hours