Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Health Informatics (PBC HI)


The University of Illinois at Chicago’s mission is to advance the quality and efficiency of healthcare by improving the process to generate, manage and communicate biomedical data. To support our mission and  help advance the health informatics industry, we’ve developed four specialized post-baccalaureate certificates in the following areas:

  • Health Informatics Fundamentals
  • Health Data Science Informatics
  • Leadership in Health Informatics
  • Mobile Health Informatics

Each standalone health informatics certificate is designed for self-motivated, experienced healthcare or IT professionals who have already earned their bachelor’s degree. Coursework emphasizes the development of a competitive skill set grounded in healthcare information sciences, which you can achieve through hands-on experience with workflow tools such as Visio, OmniGraffle and LucidChart, data visualization tools such as Tableau and programming languages such as Excel, R, R-Studio, HL7, JSON, jq and Linux command line (CentOS/RedHat).

Courses completed as part of the certificate program may be applied toward the Master of Health Informatics (MSHI) if the student is later admitted into the program. However, successful completion of the certificate program does not guarantee admission into the degree program.

By completing this certificate program, you’ll be able to:

  • Collaboratively communicate with other healthcare and IT professionals
  • Apply managerial and leadership skills to projects that maximize the utilization of HIT
  • Assess the capabilities, limitations, and risk/benefit tradeoffs of certain HIT applications
  • Identify organizational factors inhibiting the proper use of HIT and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Evaluate existing or proposed communication systems to ensure they support your organization’s goals
  • Adapt systems analysis techniques to accommodate the complex nature of HIT needs
  • Integrate critical thinking skills with published data to remain current with emerging HIT issues

Health Informatics Fundamentals (12 credits)

BHIS 460 Introduction to Health Informatics 1 Hour
BHIS 510 Healthcare Information Systems 3 Hours
BHIS 514 Patient Safety Topics in Health Informatics 2 Hours
BHIS 522 Mobile Health Informatics 3 Hours
BHIS 527 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations 3 Hours

Mobile Health Informatics (13 credits)

BHIS 460 Introduction to Health Informatics 1 Hour
BHIS 522 Mobile Health Informatics 3 Hours
BHIS 528 Consumer Health Informatics 3 Hours
BHIS 540 Essentials in Health Data Science 3 Hours
BHIS 523 Advanced Topics in Mobile Health Technologies 3 Hours

Health Data Science Informatics (12 credits)

Select either BHIS 554 or BHIS 567 to complete certificate

BHIS 529 Transforming Healthcare using Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics 3 Hours
BHIS 540 Essentials in Health Data Science 3 Hours
BHIS 541 Healthcare Data Analytics 3 Hours
BHIS 554 Health Informatics Business intelligence Tools and Applications 3 Hours
BHIS 567 Healthcare Data Visualization 3 Hours

Leadership in Health Informatics (12 credits)

Select either BHIS 525 or BHIS 538 to complete certificate

BHIS 537 Health Care IT Vendor Management 3 Hours
BHIS 543 Healthcare Project Management 3 Hours
BHIS 546 Leadership Development in Health Informatics 3 Hours
BHIS 525 Social and Organizational Issues in Health Informatics 3 Hours
BHIS 538 Healthcare IT Administration 3 Hours