Student Outcomes

Health Informatics Testimonials

The best measure of the success for an educational institution is the success of the alumni. Our graduates are expected to lead the evolution of the industry and elevation of the health informatics movement.

“The program increased my visibility and credibility, which has led to a promotion for a position that is currently being created. This program is rewarding, the faculty is outstanding and has provided me the leverage that I need when addressing work-related issues.” — Joan Daniel, ‘12

“The program gave me knowledge of how HI works in a practical sense, with theory as an adjunct to practical examples. I advanced within my field to a Medical IT Administrator.”  Graduate ‘12

“After graduating, I’ve noticed more opportunities have opened up. In addition, I now have the motivation and knowledge to join committees to further enhance my career. My favorite parts of the program were the ability to make connections and be involved in real-life work situations with other healthcare professionals.” — Amit Shah ‘12

“After completing the program, I was promoted to Vice President of IT at my current employer.” — Pam Landis, ‘12