Master of Science in Health Information Management (MS HIM)


The Health Information Management programs offered by UIC are designed to impart the knowledge and critical skills important for helping organizations develop and implement effective health information management strategies, advance the quality of patient care and safeguard the integrity of electronic health records. Many areas of study are covered in this CAHIIM-accredited, 100% online program to help prepare students for the various roles defined by health information management.

The program’s advanced curriculum presented 100 percent online offers a solid foundation in health information theory and practice. As a student, you will have the opportunity to expand upon your bachelor’s degree education and gain the coveted leadership and management skills that can help you thrive in today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Foundation Courses

May be waived in some instances or may be completed at another college/university.

KN 253 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 Hours
KN 254 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 Hours
BHIS 405 Medical Sciences and Human Pathophysiology 3 Hours
BHIS 406 Medical Terminology for Health Information Management 2 Hours

Required Courses

HIM 450 Health Information Technology and Systems 3 Hours
HIM 451 Health Information Management Theory and Practice 4 Hours
HIM 452 Quality Management and Data Analysis 4 Hours
HIM 453 Principles of Management and Human Resources 4 Hours
HIM 454 Legal Aspects, Risk Management and Security of Health Information 3 Hours
HIM 455 Health Information Systems Analysis and Design 4 Hours
HIM 534 Healthcare Vocabularies & Clinical Classification Systems 3 Hours
HIM 557 Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Compliance 4 Hours
HIM 574 Health Information Research Methods and Evaluation 3 Hours
HIM 581 Executive Healthcare Financial Management 3 Hours
HIM 593 Health Information Management Capstone 2 Hours
HIM 595 Health Information Management Seminar 1 Hour