Student Outcomes

Health Information Management Testimonials

As a national leader in education and research, it is no wonder that UIC boasts an ever-expanding community of prominent students and alumni who boldly serve as leaders in hospitals, public health organizations, research laboratories, medical software firms, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions around the world.

“UIC’s program shows us there are many areas that we can go into with an HIM degree. My plan is to pursue a position in the consulting field. Many hospitals are converting to an electronic health record, so this is an excellent time to enter that area.” — Mayoor Patel, ‘10

“Nearly all aspects of the program have helped me greatly in my current position at Blue Cross Blue Shield. Professor Karen Patena was instrumental in shaping my career path early on. She provided me with a greater understanding of the HIM field and the different ways I could apply my degree. I graduated equipped to pursue a HIM-driven profession, even the non-traditional role working in the insurance industry that I chose.” — Syreeta Kinnard, ‘03

“UIC’s PB Cert in HIM is CAHIIM accredited and provides eligibility and preparation for the RHIA exam. The online learning experience is facilitated by attentive instructors who have in-depth knowledge of and involvement in the evolution of health information management. Online classes are further enhanced by communication with fellow classmates who offer a wide range of personal experiences in the administrative, clinical, and/or technical aspects of the field of healthcare. The text books and internet-based discussions and activities are also valuable learning tools. Overall, UIC offers a well-rounded and structured program that guides the student through the many components of the HIM body of knowledge.” — Liz Cadwell ‘13