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Career Guide: Explore Health Information Management Jobs

Learn more about the career opportunities and job outlook for the field of Health Information Management (HIM).

Health Information Management professionals discuss work

Health Information Management (HIM) is an essential field within the healthcare industry. It focuses on acquiring, analyzing, and protecting patient health information. As the healthcare industry increasingly relies on digital records and data analytics, professionals in HIM play an important role. They ensure the accuracy, accessibility, and security of health data, essential for effective patient care and operational efficiency.

This guide provides an in-depth look into HIM career opportunities, plus the job outlook, necessary skills, and educational pathways.

What is Health Information Management? 

Health Information Management involves the strategic management of health information and electronic health records. Obtaining your RHIA certification communicates your competencies to potential employers. It encompasses a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Managing patient records
  • Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations
  • Utilizing data for healthcare improvement
  • Protecting patient privacy and data security
  • Implementing and upholding electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Managing revenue cycle and facility reimbursement

What industries do HIM professionals work in?

The demand for Health Information Management (HIM) professionals is on the rise and is driven by the healthcare industry’s shift towards digital records and data analytics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a significant need for Health Information Technologists and Medical Registrars with an employment growth of 16%, which is faster than the average.

HIM professionals find employment in both traditional and non-traditional settings, offering a wide range of career environments to consider. Here are some of the common industries where HIM professionals work:

Traditional Non-traditional
Hospitals Healthcare Software Companies
Clinics Consulting
Health Systems Government Agencies
Care Facilities Pharmaceutical Companies
Group Practices Legal and Accounting firms
Medical Organizations Insurance Companies
Nonprofits Academic Institutions
HMOs Public Health Offices
Health Insurance Organizations Tech Companies

What are some health information management job opportunities?

HIM professionals are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare data and well-positioned to take on a variety of roles. Each role offers distinct responsibilities and competitive salaries. These roles highlight the wide range of opportunities available in the HIM field.

Below are some key job opportunities for HIM professionals, along with their median salaries and job descriptions with data sourced from Glassdoor:

Positions Average Salary Job Description
Revenue Integrity Analyst $59,507 Works with internal customers to ensure financial goals are met and revenue cycle integrity is maintained.
Clinical Quality Coordinator $60,830 Collaborates with others to design, implement and evaluate clinical quality improvement initiatives.
Mapping Analyst, Intelligent Medical Objects $76,000 Responsible for the creation, support, and maintenance of accurate and compliant administrative code set(s) mappings.
Health Information Management Systems Director $81,809 Planning, developing, and administering health information systems to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.
Clinical Documentation Improvement Manager $93,686 Responsible for ensuring optimal compliance with clinical documentation.
Compliance Officer $114,457 Helps organizations manage risks by ensuring business operations are performed in compliance with the law.
Director, Compliance Audit Services $120,530 Establishes compliance procedures and develops organizational strategies to ensure the company complies with regulations.
Privacy Officer $126,419 This role ensures that an organization is in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
Associate Director Health IT, Pharmaceuticals $139,139 Provides strategic consulting and guidance for initiatives for the business areas they support.
Revenue Cycle Director $202,296 Oversees the process of collecting and organizing analytical data related to an organization’s revenue, sales, and other financial activities.

Pursue a Health Information Management Degree

Health Information Management is an essential field within the healthcare industry and offers diverse career opportunities and a promising job outlook.

HIM professionals can advance their career with the University of Illinois Chicago’s online Master of Science in Health Information Management (MSHIM) degree. The MSHIM degree is a CAHIIM-accredited 39-credit hour program that meets the requirements required to take the RHIA exam. The curriculum allows students to develop a diverse skill set that includes:

  • Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance: Course topics include health care delivery systems, health record requirements, classification systems, clinical vocabularies and nomenclatures, and data design in compliance with governance standards.
  • Informatics, Analytics and Data Use: Course topics include analysis and visualization of healthcare data, database management, research, and strategies for the exchange of health information.
  • Information Protection: Course topics include privacy and security of health information, and compliance considerations.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Course topics include diagnostic and procedural coding, revenue cycle management, and regulatory requirements and methodologies for reimbursement.

UIC also offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (BSHIM) degree that provides students with skilled instruction in the management and use of information and information systems for healthcare planning and provision, resource allocation, and executive decision-making. The BSHIM bachelor completion program is a 63-credit hour program and can be completed in 24 months and meets the requirements to take the RHIA exam.

With the right educational background and skillsets, HIM professionals play a key role in enhancing  healthcare delivery, ensuring secure sensitive health information, and improving patient outcomes. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to advance, UIC’s online BSHIM program or online MSHIM program will provide individuals with a rewarding and impactful pathway.

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