Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics (PMC HI)

The curriculum blends a technical foundation with coursework covering current clinical trends, government regulations, and healthcare-specific best management practices. It equips students with the analytical and managerial expertise sought after in this dynamic field.

The online Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics at UIC draws from the popular curriculum of our distinguished Master of Science in Health Informatics program. It serves as the perfect complement to your existing master’s degree, and it is designed to expand your educational background to help launch or advance your career in the dynamic field of health informatics. With seven required courses and 24 credit hours offered 100 percent online, this certificate is attainable. It provides a thorough study of how data and technology can be used to enhance patient care and create improved, more resourceful healthcare information systems.

Prerequisite Courses (may be waived in some instances)

BHIS 406
Medical Terminology for Health Information Management
An introduction to the medical terminology and pharmacology necessary to understanding the use of clinical vocabularies and classification systems in health information systems. Extensive computer use required. Meets eight weeks of the semester. 2 hours

BHIS 460
Introduction to Health Informatics
Introduction to information technology and systems in a healthcare setting. Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in HIM 410 or equivalent experience. 1 hour

HIM 486
Foundations in Health Information Management
Provides students new to the health informatics field with knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system and health record content and practice. Extensive computer use required. Field work required. Meets eight weeks of the semester. Prerequisite(s): Consent of the instructor and enrollment in the MS in Health Informatics program or Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics. 2 hours

Required Courses

BHIS 437
Healthcare Data
Health communication is an emerging field in which professional communicators inform, influence and motivate individual, institutional and public audiences about important health issues. This course examines theories of interpersonal, organizational and mass communication relevant to the professional communicator in the health field. Review strategies of persuasion, the relationship between attitudes and behavior, and the changing nature of health and health delivery in the United States. Evaluate successful and unsuccessful health information campaigns. 3 hours

BHIS 499
Information Sources in Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
Prepares students to locate, interpret and evaluate pertinent research information sources. Includes discussion on writing literature reviews. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or above required; or consent of the instructor. 1 hour

BHIS 510
Healthcare Information Systems
Examination, through case studies, group and class discussions, and problem-based learning, of the effective utilization of information technology applications currently in place and on the horizon in healthcare organizations. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing and consent of the instructor. 4 hours

BHIS 515
Management of Healthcare Communication Systems
Examination and management of data communications in and between healthcare facilities, including examination of issues, standards, technologies and system configurations. Prerequisite(s): BHIS 510 or HPA 510, graduate standing and consent of the instructor. 4 hours

BHIS 520
Health Information Systems Analysis and Design
A project course applying systems analysis and design theory to healthcare systems evaluation, modeling and implementation. Prerequisite(s): BHIS 510 or HPA 510, graduate standing and consent of the instructor. 4 hours

BHIS 525
Social & Organizational Issues in Health Informatics
Examines the impact of information systems on the healthcare organization and applies theory through case study analysis. Prerequisite(s): BHIS 510 or HPA 510; and BHIS 515 or BHIS 520 or BHIS 530 or HPA 520 or HPA 531 or HPA 550; or consent of the instructor. 4 hours

BHIS 530
Topics in Health Informatics
Current theories and methods in health informatics. Prerequisite(s): BHIS 510 or HPA 510; and BHIS 515 or HPA 520, or BHIS 520 or HPA 531, or BHIS 525 or HPA 540; and graduate standing and consent of the instructor. 4 hours


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