Nursing Informatics

Read what some of our graduates had to say about how the MS HI degree has helped their career in nursing informatics.

“What I am learning has already benefited me greatly – from writing skills to health IT knowledge. My current position as an RN Case Manager – Senior Analysis involves working with health care analytics, IT, physicians, medical writers, etc. I’m the subject matter expert at my company. I love the way the program is formatted; it fits all schedules. I’m proud to be a UIC student!” – Katherine Ferretti, ’14

“My work is hard but extremely rewarding. My patients hold a very special place in my heart. I love my job, but I want to do more. I want to expand on my passion for the art of nursing and do even more for the patients we care for. As a result, I’m looking to broaden my impact as a nurse and help develop technologies that will improve the quality of the care that we provide to our patients. Now, instead of helping just one patient at a time, I can help 100s, even 1000s, at a time.” Yvette Roberts, ‘09

“Along with being an RN, the fact that I was in this program helped me to secure better positions in the field. It has helped me to secure better positions and a better salary. It has also given me credibility in this field. I am also an RN, and the combination of this with the MS really gives me an edge in the market. The MS has allows me to incorporate two domains into one career path that recognizes and rewards my having credentials and expertise in both domains. It has taught me about Healthcare Informatics.” Vicki Van Schoick, ‘08

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