Pharmacy Informatics

Read what some of our graduates had to say about how the MS HI degree has helped their career in pharmacy informatics.

“As a Clinical Pharmacist/Analyst, the classes provided the knowledge and information to expand my skills in Health Informatics. The program offered the opportunity to interact with a wide range of professional people from all over the country. The topics provided an in-depth look into the past, present and future of HIT.” – Roberta Ziccarelli, 12

“As a Staff Pharmacist Manager, the program challenged me to find innovative ways to deliver better care every day.” – Jason Miller, ‘11

“After 10 years as a retail pharmacist, I needed a change. So I decided to get my degree in Health Informatics and pursue a career pharmacy technology. I am now in a new department that works with our retail stores and pharmaceutical companies to develop new computer-based patient counseling programs for retail pharmacists to improve medication adherence – AND with a $35,000 pay increase! I plan to grow along with the department as we think of new ways to incorporate technology to improve patient health. Who knows what is next? The possibilities are truly endless!” — Pamela Bullington, ‘06

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