Challenges with Electronic Medical Records – Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT


Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT

Professor Valerie Prater of UIC shares the challenges of dealing with electronic medical records.



The challenge has continued to be balancing that need for access to the right people, the right time with dealing with the increasing volume of information. I think we can all relate to the fact that since we have the ability to save information in electronic environment, we start saving everything. We have this enormous volume of information that we are saving and so then what do we with that? We also have the opportunity and it’s wonderful for research. It’s also wonderful for patient care but we have to have policies and procedures in place to keep information private and secure at a larger volume.
That’s certainly an IT challenge. What are the other challenges that we face? The retention issues in terms of the volume, there are issues in terms of the uses and the users that can access that information appropriately. One of the other challenge is unfortunately we are seeing now that we have more information electronic format is a theft of information. Whether it’s identity theft for financial purposes, someone wants to get your credit card that you gave to your doctor’s office or you hospital. Or they actually want your medical identity so they can use your insurance information to get medical care. Unfortunately those are increasing in a frequency so that’s something we have to watch for and make our students aware of as a increasing trend.

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