Curriculum and the Importance of Accreditation – Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT


Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT

Learn how UIC keeps its curriculum up-to-date and the importance of accreditation.



In order to keep our curriculum up to date, we stay in touch with our professional associations and our programs are accredited. Part of our professional accreditation through a group called CAHIIM, we have standards and we have what are called domains of knowledge. Those are agreed upon within our professional group.
Educators across the country and accredited programs have agreed on certain areas that need to be in a curriculum. You can go beyond those but these are baseline areas that must be covered and they are constantly updated. Included in those domains of knowledge are privacy, security and regulatory compliance areas like that. We are constantly looking at our curriculum to make sure it’s up to date with accreditation standards.

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