Difference Between a Certification and an HI degree – Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD


Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD

Learn about the difference between a certification and a health informatics degree.



I think this is where you really have to differentiate the value of a Master’s of Science degree from, say, a certification type of credential. Credential of certification really specifies that you’re able to reproduce a body of knowledge accurately, passing an exam at a certain level. Whereas a Master’s of Science degree is really much more research intensive or oriented in the sense of creating health information professionals is a kind of a transformation process. So I often use the parable of that we’re not giving a man a fish, we’re teaching a man to fish. So we’re teaching people to think critically, to assess problem needs, to become solution oriented and able to evaluate the current state in health care organizations.

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