Electronic Medical Records Today – Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT


Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT

Electronic medical records and what that means today.



As we move more and more into the world of electric medical records, we are seeing going beyond a lot of file cabinets and a lot of file drawers. Although those are still things to keep in mind, we’re working at balancing the need to provide access to health information to our doctors, nurses and other health providers in needed and say, an electronic medical record with the need to keep that information private and secure. So it’s available when it’s needed to the right people who need it, not to the people who don’t and when they need, at the time they need it for patient care, but not to those who shouldn’t have it.

Having the right systems in place, the right policies and procedures in place, that now that we’re dealing with more and more electronic media.

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