HI Graduate Job Opportunities – Michael Dieter – MLIS, MBA, PhD


Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD

Program Director Michael Dieter discusses the types of roles graduates of the HI program go into and the opportunities available to them.



Traditionally, in Informatics, consulting has really been probably the most dominant role that people go into and are looking for. Generally, those companies like, national companies like Accenture, and local companies like Dearborn Consultants provide an opportunity for people to work in a number of different kinds of healthcare environments and work semi-independently.
Based on the changes wrought by the Affordable Care Act, there’s a movement now, I think, from simply selecting and implementing technology toward more of a data-driven role. I would call that a data analysis role. Now that these systems are in place, they are beginning to generate data. Now, the focus is shifting from meaningful use of technology to meaningful use of health data. Are we collecting the right data to measure the processes that we need to as an accountable care organization?

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