Importance of CAHIIM Accreditation – Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD


Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD

Program Director, Michael Dieter, explains the importance of CAHIIM accreditation.



We’re an accredited program and that’s important because it tells students that we’re in the elite. It tells an applicant, or a potential applicant, that we meet a certain level of standard. Kind of serves more as a floor than a ceiling for the program because health informatics is really a very dynamic field and subject to rapid change. So in that sense, we’re challenged to teach through the status quo, bu we’re also challenged to teach through the horizon. So the accreditation standards kind of provide a framework for us to operate, but a space where there’s enough flexibility that we can adapt our curriculum so that it’s relevant to somebody coming out for the next five or six years hopefully.

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