Importance of Governance with Electronic Medical Records – Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT


Valerie Prater, MBA, RHIT

Learn about the importance of governance with electronic medical records.



One of the things that is important as we’ve had literally an explosion, if I can use that term, in terms of the volume of data that we are collecting now that we’re using electronic systems and electronic records to collect data, there’s a need for governance. That’s kind of a boring word, but it’s really an important word. It relates to policies for managing data, the volume of data, who’s going to use the data.

There’s so much information, so much data there about patients, about health care, cool things we can do with it, but who’s going to use it for research, for business reporting, et cetera, et cetera? We need policies for how much we’re going to keep, what we’re going use this data to do, and who’s going to have access to it for what? It needs to be a team approach to making those decisions.

Why I mention governance, it’s a real hot issue in my particular field of health information management, because health information managers need a seat at the table in making those policies and decisions, as do clinical professionals, IT professionals. We all need to come together to make those decisions as we’re moving farther and farther into the electronic world of health information.

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