Job Opportunities for HI Graduates – Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD


Michael Dieter, MLIS, MBA, PhD

Learn about the types of job that are becoming available to graduates of the health informatics programs.



Based on our recent advisory board meeting which is composed of people that work actually in the industry as either CMIOs, CEOs or people that have a very visible role in their organizations that’s informatics-oriented. I think that we are beginning to see specific roles begin to emerge in organizations. A lot of people went into consulting because it represented an opportunity for entry into the field.

Another group of people I would characterize previously as stealth informaticists in that they went into jobs like system analysis and design, which really weren’t directly informatics-oriented, but then created informatics value in their organizations that allowed them to begin to morph their jobs or change their job roles within their organization.

The kinds of roles we’re beginning to see now are clinical data analysis roles and business process analysis and those things. The goal here is really, in terms of accountable care, to tie the business of health care with the outcomes of clinical care. We’re trying to create a more effective and accessible health care delivery system for everyone.

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