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Digital Transformation: Dr. Miriam Isola explores the transformative landscape of technology innovation in the healthcare industry

Watch videos recorded by UIC Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director Dr. Miriam Isola to understand the impact digital transformation has on the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is currently undergoing a digital health transformation. Technological innovation has effortlessly integrated itself into our daily lives, causing a significant shift in the healthcare landscape and the way organizations deliver medical services, patient care, and administrative processes.

Meet Miriam Isola, DrPH FAMIA CPHIMS. As the University of Illinois Chicago’s (UIC) Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director for the online Health Informatics Programs, Dr. Isola says that digital health transformation will transform the relationships between consumers, patients, and their providers. With a background in public health, Dr. Isola emphasizes the ongoing modernization that organizations will experience in their current operations as technology advances.

Learn more about the changes taking place in healthcare due to digital transformation and discover how UIC’s online Health Informatics programs equips students to address these transformative shifts.

An Introduction to Dr. Miriam Isola.

Dr. Isola’s background is in public health and includes over forty years of industry experience in healthcare information technology, operations, and education. In addition to her work at UIC, she advises community and healthcare organizations as they work to improve quality, patient outcomes, and reduce costs. Dr. Isola discusses consumers’ demand for innovative technology and highlights how healthcare is currently undergoing a digital health transformation to meet this need.

What is digital health transformation?

Digital Health Transformation refers to the integration and use of digital technologies to improve health care delivery, patient care, operation efficiency, and healthcare outcomes. It’s the adoption of digital tools and technologies and strategies to enhance various aspects of the healthcare’s ecosystem.

What are some examples of digital transformation in healthcare?

Digital transformation aims to streamline patient care and streamline processes. Examples of digital transformation include telemedicine and remote care, AI and machine learning (such as predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP)), and wearable technology.

Why are we seeing healthcare go through a digital transformation, and what kind of impact has it had on the industry?

As patients seek more control over their health management and health outcomes, healthcare is shifting to focus primarily on the patient who will take on the role as health service consumer. This requires upgraded experiences that include personalization, convenience, and speed. This is where digital transformation efforts step in to tackle a variety of different challenges.

Are there any future trends that you can predict in the realm of digital transformation, specifically in healthcare?

Digital transformation in healthcare is a catalyst for innovation. These innovations will modernize and improve existing healthcare systems, as well as create a conducive environment for novel ideas and technologies. The pursuit of successful digital transformation in healthcare encourages and fuels innovation that leads to the development of new solutions in hospitals and clinics and across the entire healthcare continuum. Healthcare is personal, and we can ask ourselves ‘what jobs are we trying to do?’ As leaders work towards digital transformation, they must understand what the consumer wants.

How does UIC’s online Health Informatics programs prepare students for digital transformation?

Our online Health Informatic programs teach the skills and competencies needed to become digital health developers and leaders. With concentrations in leadership and consumer mobile health, students are prepared to be a part of digital health transformation. Talk to an enrollment specialist today to learn more.

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